Ebike Lithium battery Charger 60v 6amp Battery Charger



True Power 67V 6 Amp Lithium  Battery Charger for Electric Scooters – Suitable for 60 V Lithium  Battery  Max Output Voltage: 67+/- 0.2 A Output Current: 6A+/-0.5A

Suitable for Hero Electric & Most of other Electric Scooters) Verify Mating Socket before making buy decision – Usually Okinawa mating sockets are different Model: DP/EVC/

  • Type: Electric Quick charge: Yes Intelligent Charge: Yes
  • Model Number: 60V Use: Standard Battery
  • output current: 6A,  charger smart function cutoff power as battery will fully charge.
  • 1 LED showing proper connection between battery and charger 2 LED shows charging state, turn red: during charge, green: full charge
  • WEIGHT1.5 kg DIMENSIONS20 × 7 × 11 cm
  • warranty 1 year