17 Inch 2000W Powerful Motor set For Bike


High torque motor
Torque: 135NM
Suitable for 100-150 CC vehicle
Drop out 200 MM
Disc plate dia size : 220 Mm
17 inch rim
Max Speed : 85 kmph
Load carrying capacity : 350Kg

Kit includes below items:

Motor 72V-2000watt
Controller 2000Watt
Throttle with F/R / Three speed
Disc Plate and system

on/off key switch

wiring and connection junction box

Motor Type  Brushless Direct Current Motor(BLDC Motor)
Axle Configuration Double
Wheel Rim 17inch
Rated Speed 85km/h
Voltage 72V/60v/
Magnet Height


RPM 750
Brake System Drum Brake
Hall Sensors 2
Hall Sensor Phasing 120°
Number of motor phases 3
Max Efficiency 95%
Rated Out Power 2000w
Number of Pole Pairs 28
Cross Section of Phase Wire 16 square
Waterproof Grade IP67
Color Black/white etc.
Package Carton